Get This FREE Tool Before Using MidJourney Again – A Must-Have!

Get This FREE Tool Before Using MidJourney Again – A Must-Have!

Hey, listen, never ever use me. You won’t want to travel without this free tool. I basically found a great tool that gives you mind-blowing ideas for the middle of your trip. It’s free, easy to use, available everywhere, and will definitely step up your mid-trip game.

Testing The Tool

So, this is the MG prompt tool I was talking about. You can get to it at prompt.9 I’m going to leave the link in the description, so let’s see if this works.

Creating The Basline Image

I told him that a cat dressed as Batman was hanging out on a tall building, and as you can see, it gave me The Prompt. I’m going to copy this prompt, and then we’ll go to the Discord and paste it here, hit enter, and wait for it to make our basic image.

First Result

So far, we’ve just made the basic image for our prompt, which is a cut of a man in a Batman costume standing on a tall building. To take our image to the next level, we’ll go back to the tool, where you can see all these different options that can add things to our image and change how they look completely.

First Setting

For example, if we choose “Styles,” as you can see, it gave me Arabic and a blocky cartoon. I chose “1800s,” which you can see here. Choose the style from what you can see. I added the word 1800s to my prompt. Now let’s copy this prompt, go back to this core, and remember that this is our baseline image. We’re going to apply the 1800s theme to it, paste the prompt here, and let it generate.

Second Image

I can’t believe how accurate these results are. For example, you can change the lighting of the images, control the backlight, or add a highlight light. You can choose from a lot of different things. For instance, let’s give my images a lava glow and click “Continue.” As you can see, the keyword “lava” is added to my prompt. Copy this sentence I’m going to use this question. Go back to this score and remember that this is my old image. Now, we’re going to use this image and add the lava glow effect to it. As you can see, a cat dressed as Batman is hanging out on a tall building in the 1800s. Look at that, it’s a totally different collection, and she just blows my mind. This is lava glow effect even at this good effect to the cut to the back of the cat as you can see as if it were burning or something here at the lava glow in the eye so let’s change things up for a little bit.

Second Setting

Let’s look at the camera here. We’ll choose the ultra wide angle lens. You can also change the colors, but we can’t. For example, let’s choose this matte black one. You can also choose from the artist section if you have a favorite style or artist. For example, I’ll choose the Andy Warhol hit. Again, I’m very interested to see how this one goes, so we’re going to wait a little bit and while it’s a generation When I go back to the tool and look at our pictures,

Size & Aspect Ratio , Field Depth , Quality

We can also play around with the size, change the aspect ratio, and make it bigger. Square vertical standard, we could play to see things, we have the depth of field, and this is the quality. We could then change the quality if we wanted it to be more detailed or 4K. I’m going to leave it at the default because I think it will take a bit longer to generate if it’s more detailed, and also because I don’t think it will look as good.

The Negative Prompt

I’m going to show you this cool thing. Here, it says, “If you want to exclude or avoid certain terms, type them below.” For example, we don’t want no tree on our images, so we’ll type “3” and it will add “no tree” to the prompt. So, let’s copy this new prompt that we just made and go back to Discord. Boom! Here are our new results, which are completely different. Ultra wide-angle lenses and the style of the artists we want black color anti-warhole mate

Applying The Negative Prompt

and no trees, and in the image, we took out the trees. Now let’s copy the prompt, go back to Discord, and paste it here. I’m going to see what it comes up with. I’m very excited to see this one. Here it is. As you can see, it’s not very accurate. I don’t know why I told him a cat with a cat chilling on a tall building, but it gave me a cut of a cat sitting in the middle of the road instead. But you get the idea. You can really change the images and results however you want. There are many options to choose from.

CyberPunk Effect

I want to add a cyberpunk effect to my picture, so let’s search for “cyberpunk” here. Let’s pick this one and see how it works. I don’t know how it really works for this one, so guys, if you know how it works for this one, let me know.

The Results

It just gave us more of a cyberpunk look. It looks really nice. I don’t know what’s up with this one, since it’s not a cat, but it and this one look very, very good. This one is definitely cyberpunk, while this one is matte black, but I don’t see the cyberpunk. These two have the effects of lava glow and mate black. This one doesn’t have the lava glow effect, but it does have a cyberpunk effect, so it’s a very, very good tool.

Helpful Guides

Also, they have this guide, which shows how to use the prompts. For example, the Cinema prompt shows how to make three different scenes. If you’re really interested in this kind of thing, you should definitely check out this guide.

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