Top 13 YouTube Niches with High CPM and RPM for Maximum Earnings

Top 13 YouTube Niches with High CPM and RPM

I know that these are the 13 best high CPM niches on YouTube because I’ve made several channels in these niches myself and because I’ve found evidence on YouTube from other channels that show their AdSense income as well as their CPM and RPM.

Find High CPM Yourself

I’ll tell you more about how to figure out the CPM and RPM for the first three niches. The CPM depends on the companies that advertise on your videos, and YouTube has three main rules about which ads they show on your videos.

3 Rules Which Ads YouTube Shows

The first is what your videos are about, so if your videos are about camping, your ads will probably also be about camping. If the videos are about stocks, the ads will probably also be about stocks, and if the videos are about dogs, the ads will probably also be about dogs. The reason for this is that if a company sells dog products, their target audience is most likely people who watch videos about dogs. The second rule is that viewers watch history, so if you’ve been watching a lot of videos about dogs, but now you’re watching a video about history, the ads will probably still be about dogs.

CPM Of First Three Niche

Now, I’ll tell you the CPM and RPM of the first three niches. In the camping niche, I found a channel called scale of two that posted a video about their earnings. In the video, you can see that they have a CPM of 16.63 and an RPM of 7.55, which means that for every 1,000 views on their channel, they’ll get 7.55 cents. If you didn’t already know, the CPM is how much an advertiser pays to show an ad to

Niche 4

The fourth niche is technology, and the RPM ranges from 5 to 12, with a big difference because it depends on what your channel is about. For example, it could be about the best laptops, the best gaming setups, or the best tech gadgets for students, and the RPM ranges from 5 to 12 depending on which companies are advertising on your videos.

Niche number five

Niche number five is cars, and I found a channel that shared their AdSense income. When we look at it, we can see that they’ve made $21,000 from 4.1 million views, which is about 5.1 RPM. With this channel, your RPM could vary a lot depending on which car companies are advertising on your videos, and it could be a bit lower than five or even higher than five.

Niche number Sixth

Sixth is fashion, and I found Stephanie Lange’s channel here. She recently posted a video about her AdSense earnings, and in it we can see that in 2022 she made $148,000 with 26.8 million views, which is about 5.55 RPM. If you look at her channel, you can see what kind of videos she posts, but you could also post faceless videos or be in front of the camera like Stephanie.

Niche number Seven

Niche number seven is gaming, which is also a very big niche. Depending on the game you play and the number of viewers you have, you might have a different RPM than in this example, but it gives you a rough idea of what RPM you could get. I found a gaming channel here, and the owner has released his ads and income, so we can see that he made a little over 11,000 Euros with 2.3 million views, which is about $4.94.

Niche number Eight

Niche number eight is a very interesting niche I found while researching this topic. I would call it “mixed lifestyle” because I found the channel this Mom at home Australia and when I scrolled through her videos I could see that she uploads a lot of different kinds of videos and it all has to do with what she does in her life, so I just call it “mixed lifestyle.” She also released a video about her AdSense income, and we can see from that that she has made a lot of money.

Niche number Ninth

The ninth niche is sports, and I think the RPM will be between four and six. This is because the sports industry is very big and makes a lot of money, and you could write about anything related to sports, like the best NBA dunks or the best football goals. I would suggest that you stick to one sports niche and maybe even one specific thing in that niche. For example, you could only talk about the top five or ten football goals or NBA dunks and have a very broad niche so that when people watch your videos, they know what to expect and hopefully watch them all the way to the end.

Niche number Tenth

Insurance is the 10th niche. Niche and I estimate the RPM to be between 7 and 25 because there are so many different insurances. When we look at YouTube, we can see that when we type in “best insurance is 4,” there are a lot of different search examples that people are actually looking for on YouTube. Depending on whether the insurance costs 10 or 20 euros or a few hundred or a few thousand euros, this can also affect the RPM on your videos and on you.

Niche number 11th

Real estate is the 11th niche. Niche, and I think the RPM is between 5 and 15 because there are so many different kinds of real estate and places in the world. When we look at YouTube and type in “real estate investing,” we can see a lot of different kinds of videos in the search results, where we could make a lot of different videos and where people are advertising their services where they help you get a real estate or get into real estate.

Niche number 12th

Niche 12 is luxury, and I think the RPM is between 5 and 12 because it’s such a big topic. You could also type in “best luxury cars” to find out more. The best luxury access was for women and men, and your RPM can be anywhere from 5 to 12 depending on the companies that advertise on your videos. This number can go up even more if you sell your own products or promote affiliate products.

Niche number 13th

Niche 13 is software, and I think the RPM is between 5 and 20, or even higher, because there are a lot of softwares that companies are advertising on YouTube that can make them a lot of money, so they’re willing to spend a lot on their ads on YouTube. To research this Niche, you could also just type in “best software for” and see a lot of different examples, like “best software for PC for music.”

Let me know in the comments what your favorite niches are, and I’ll let you know if you should start in that niche or not. If you’re thinking about starting a faceless YouTube channel, you should definitely check out the next vlog with 27 more niche ideas you can start today.

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