Unlimited and Free Image Generation in the Mid-Journey: Explore Free Alternatives

Unlimited and Free Image Generation in the Mid-Journey: Explore Free Alternatives

Mid-journey is a great tool that makes amazing pictures, but it doesn’t cost anything. This is why, in today’s video, I’ll show you other tools that are free and can make images that will blow your mind. Dreamlike Dot Art is the place to go to find the tool.

1st Tool

I’ll leave the link to the tool in the description. As you can see, the landing page looks very cool.

Getting Started

Then I’ll sign up with your Google account or Discord. After that, we’ll click “free forever get started,” which will take you to the studio page, where you’ll find all of these styles. the dreamlike 1.0 Version 1.5 of the dreamy Photoreal 2.0 was made stable. The photo real one gives you photos that look like they were taken by a professional. This is the normal one, and this is a disabled version. I’m going to choose this one, and our prompt will go here. If you click this icon, it will show you all the things you can do with your prompt.

Images Settings

Here, we’ll talk about the prompt. Here, we’ll type the negative prompt, which is the list of things we don’t want in our image. For example, we don’t want the watermark or the signature text. Here, we’ll find the guidance scale, which lets you choose between prompt creativity and creativity that is your own. So you’ll choose either one based on what you need. I’m going to do nothing with it. Here, we’re going to figure out how many pictures to make. Three will be chosen. Here, we’ll choose either better quality, which will take more time, or better speed, which will make a lower-quality image but faster at a faster speed. Here, we can choose the ratio of the picture. I’ll use the square one as an example. I’ll type in my prompt and then sit in a chair on Sunset Beach with a book in my hands and Keine Manjaro in the background. This is where I’ll find my dream. This button says “Dream,” and next to it is a “4.7” grid. This means that it will use 4.7 credits from this 50 increases out of each prompt that we used. But don’t worry—if you go to buy credits, you’ll find the pricing plan, but we don’t need to subscribe because we can get credits for free. There are many ways to get credits for free. If your bonus is less than 50 credits and you were online in the last 48 hours, we will add one credit to your balance every hour. This means that you get one credit for every hour that you spend online. You can also share your work when someone creates an account after visiting your profile or posting, and both you and the new user will get 50 credits. So don’t worry if you run out of credits, because Chris goes up again. Let’s click on “Dream” to make our picture.

Our Frist Result

We’ll wait a little while, and then the image should be ready. Boom, as you can see, it made three pictures of a man reading a book while sitting in a chair on Sunset Beach. As you can see, all of these pictures look very good. All of these pictures were made by Dreamlike, which changed the prompt, as you can see.

Changing Things Up

Chihuahua oil on canvas in Ls Lowery’s style The fine art black and white by Salvador Dali in Manchester is very detailed. I can’t wait to see what it comes up with when it makes all these pictures for me. I’m going to put The Prompt and getting better at what I do first, I think. Let’s dream again; let’s see what happens if we make things better and put them first. The question,

Second Result

And as you can see, the new images are much better than the old ones. Let’s test this one last one.

Third Result

High-detail science fiction future 4K HD wallpaper of Iron Man dressed as Batman, seen from the front. Good pose, all right, let’s see what it brings. I’m really looking forward to this one. Oh, they’re wonderful. It’s a mix of Iron Man and Batman, like dressing up as Batman. I would really like this.

Changing The Module

Now, we’re going to keep the same question, but change the way it’s asked. I’ll go with this one, which is the most realistic [music]. I’m going to wait for the photos to be made. This is similar to the realistic collection, but it is a little bit different from that one. This one doesn’t look like it was taken with a camera, but these look very real, so go around this tool, play with the settings, and see what you can come up with. Let’s move on to the next tool.

2nd Tool

The next tool on the list is pickfinder, which you can get to by going to pickfinder.

Search bar

The first thing you’ll see is this bar, where you can write your prompt, and where you can see that 11 million and 500,000 images have been made. peak finder’s only flaw is that it doesn’t show you examples or images that other people have made. However, it is a free, browse-based tool, so let’s give it a try. Let’s write “a cat in a Batman costume sitting on a tall building” again and hit “Enter.”

Putting The Tool To The Test

As you can see, the images were made in seconds. They aren’t as good as the last one, but they’ll do the job. You can like or dislike the image, download it, or change its settings. For example, if we don’t want a square photo but a white angle photo instead, we can click on White, type in the property again, and hit Enter. The images will now be white, as you can see.

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